Preparing to go to University

Session Summary

This session enables students to consider the time of great change in their lives. It gives them an opportunity to voice their concerns and also get to grips with the different aspects of university life. This workshop also gets students to begin thinking about the important things that need to be done prior to their start and during their first few days at university.

Duration: 1hr 30

Learning Objectives

By the end of the session students will:

- Have a greater awareness of student finance

- Have had an opportunity to ask questions and air concerns regarding university

- Have explored key elements of university life

- Have been encouraged to form a positive outlook about their future and their ability to cope effectively with challenges and change

Resources Provided for the Facilitator (the person leading the session)

Facilitator Manual

‘Preparing to go to University’ PowerPoint

‘Manage Your Budget’ worksheet (London and out of London versions)

‘How is Studying at University Different?’ activity signs

‘On-going Situation’ scenario cards

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