Preparing for Interviews

Session Summary

This session has been designed to introduce students to the skill of effective communication and will directly relate this skill to the university interview situation. However, emphasis will be made with regards to how these skills are easily transferable to any future interviews the students may attend in their adult lives.

Duration: 1hr 30

Learning Objectives

By the end of the session students will:

- Recognise the importance of non-verbal communication and feel empowered to use it as a positive tool of communication in interview situations

Understand  the importance of identifying your audience, and what they are looking for, in order to communicate effectively in an interview

Identify the skills, qualities and experiences that they have and feel empowered to build upon them.

Resources Provided for the Facilitator (the person leading the session)

Facilitator Manual 

‘Preparing for Interviews’ Powerpoint

‘Just a Minute’ activity cards

‘Tin of Chloe, Me or Us’ activity

‘Speed Interview' activity questions

‘Succeeding at your University Interview’ activity

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