Teacher Training

Teacher Training

Our Teacher Training sessions have been developed specifically to support Supplementary School teachers in the use of effective techniques to enhance classroom delivery and the student learning experience. Each of our sessions covers a different technique and is suitable for all levels of teaching experience. Our free training sessions are outlined below, contact the team to get booked on.


 Less teacher, more student: this session looks at the importance of student led learning in the classroom by exploring theoretical discussions on the subject and introducing tried and tested practical methods to use in your classroom. 

Assessment for Learning: how can you capture your student’s interest from the beginning, and ensure that they’ve taken something away from your class at the end? This session gives practical tips for starters and plenaries that will make your classes even more memorable and meaningful for students.


Different levels of thinking: A look at how teachers enable their students to stretch and challenge their thinking, this session will explore current ideas in Education that aim to meet the needs of all of your students.


Their best behaviour:  This session looks at why it is key to encourage  positive behaviour in your classroom, and give practical tips and strategies to manage good behaviour traits in your students.


The UK education system: This session looks at and explains the UK Education system from Key Stage 1 up to University level. By the end of the session participants will have a good understanding of each of the Key Stages, the recent changes that are taking place and the different pathways into Higher Education for their students. 


Pathways into Higher Education: This training session provides supplementary school teachers and parents with the information that they need to support their students and children as they progress to Higher Education. Teachers and parents are introduced to the online Teachers’ Toolkit and how to use it. 


To find out more or get booked on to one of our free training sessions, contact the team on 0208 885 2048 or email alisha.kanabar@intouniversity.org

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