UCAS and the University Application Process

Session Summary

This session has been designed to introduce students to UCAS and the university application process as a whole. Students also get to grips with the different options and services that are available to them on exam results day, should they exceed, achieve or miss out on their expected grades.

Duration: 1hr 30

Learning Objectives

By the end of the session students will:

- Understand what UCAS is and how to go about applying for university

- Be aware of the key dates in the university application process

- Feel more confident about the different options available to them on results day should they get or not get their expected grades

Resources Provided for the Facilitator (the person leading the session)

Facilitator Manual

‘UCAS and the University Application Process’ PowerPoint (includes ‘UCAS Quiz’ slides)

‘UCAS Quiz' letters

‘UCAS Quiz’ sheet (alternative activity)

‘Extra-Curricular Activities’ list

‘UCAS Key Dates’ worksheet and student action cards

‘UCAS Key Dates’ answer sheet

‘Results Day Scenario’ sheets

‘UCAS Terms Explained’ (handout)


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