Supplementary Schools Project Teachers' Toolkit
Teachers' Toolkit

What is the Supplementary Schools Project Teachers’ Toolkit?

The Supplementary Schools Project Teachers’ Toolkit is an online resource that has been designed specifically for supplementary school teachers to support their students with Higher Education information. The Teachers’ Toolkit provides teachers with up to date and clear information on the processes involved so that they are able to confidently support their students.

The Toolkit is comprised of 7 sessions that cover different topics surrounding Higher Education. Each session includes activities that cover a range of different learning styles which helps young people to learn in a fun and interactive way.

The Toolkit is designed to meet the needs of young people aged 13-18 and its main aim is to equip these students with the skills and information that they need to access Higher Education and to make informed choices about their educational pathways.

Teachers’ Toolkit session outline

The sessions included in the Teachers Toolkit are there to complement and enhance the great work that supplementary school teachers already undertake with their classes.

The materials are completely free of charge and you can deliver all of the sessions over the course of a term or a year, or select individual sessions to use as a one-off with your classes.

What are the session topics?

Why Higher Education?

Steps to Choosing the Right Course

UCAS and the University Application Process

Introduction to Personal Statements

Preparing for Interviews

Preparing to go to University

Student Finance

What resources are provided in the Teachers’ Toolkit?

For each session the following materials are provided:

A Facilitator Manual which includes:

- The Session Overview with timings- this gives you a breakdown of all of the activities in the session and how long they are meant to last. It also informs you of any advance preparation that’s needed and a list of all of the different resources for the session.

The Facilitator Session Script- a comprehensive guide of the entire session, which takes you through a word for word delivery of every activity. Teachers can use the script to get to grips with the session and then integrate their own style in the delivery if they so wish.

Presentation slides which can be used to support the delivery of the lesson. The facilitator session script explains how to integrate the slides into the lesson, and outlines alternative activities if there are no PowerPoint facilities available.

Resources for each activity- this can include worksheets, signs, activity cards, handouts etc.

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